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Universal Voice: Your Voice Award winning program

Universal Voice has an innovative format of bringing the audiences attention to the richness of each country and culture. Showcasing each country and going in depth about distinct aspects of what every country or culture has to offer. This is an opportunity for viewers to learn something new everyday about another country.

Universal Voice reaches 6.3 Million People on KSCI TV Channel 18 ( & 50 Million People on Punch TV Network.

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What is Universal Voice?

We are a cultural show that promotes and showcases distinct countries and cultures around the world – exposing their heritage, traditions, arts, music, cuisines, etc – one country at a time. Exploring the world while catching the attention of viewers with the unique and little known aspects of these cultures, entertains and informs, bringing understanding, tolerance and harmony among peoples.

Unite the World in Diversity

Our presentations are geared to inform and illuminate – thus creating an acceptance of our differences. We can dispel myths and stereotypes of all races by presenting in-depth looks into cultures in weekly television broadcasts.